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Personal Insurance

Car Insurance

Your car - this carries the most important things in the world - you, family, pets, friends groceries. Whether it is around the block, to work or school we can not live without our autos. Personal auto insurance does not cover your car if you are paid a fee or use the car to transport people or delivery objects. Florida law requires minimal liability limits and no fault aka PIP. We have one of the highest car insurance rates around the country, it can be a challenge to find affordable coverage. We will try our best to find those companies for you.

Home Insurance

Your Home - your sanctuary, maybe the biggest investment you have. The place to relax and enjoy life after work or a hard day. Your homeowners insurance policy is for your primary residence, secondary home or seasonal home. Always insure your home to be at 100% of the replacement cost estimation. This is the amount estimated to rebuild your home. Complete conversation with us will determine your home's features, thus we can estimate the rebuild cost and insure at that limit.

Condo Insurance

Your condo insurance policy covers more than your furniture. Florida Law requires your condo association to cover all of the drywall inside your condo? Condo policies have two main areas to insure, much like a home. Dwelling covers the walls, floors, windows, doors and utilities that serve your unit only, no what is known as "common" elements. Condos require replacement cost provision, a conversation with us will determine your condo features and calculate a replacement cost for the dwelling coverage. Secondly is your personal property aka "contents" think of this as anything you can put in a moving van excluding less kitchen appliances.




Have a house or townhome that you rent out? Dwelling Coverage is offered in two different forms DP1 and DP3 there are some significant differences and prices, we can explain the differences and help you make the right choice. These products are not for your primary, secondary or seasonal homes and some insurance carriers may allow you to occupy the home as well.

Flood insurance is the only insurance that will cover you in the event of a flood. If you have wind coverage a resulting flood will not cover you, only flood insurance. Flood rates are based on flood zone maps, You may need a flood elevation certificate.

Hurricanes, Tropical Storms are our biggest threat in Florida. Wind coverage is generally added to your home or condo policy, but can be purchased by itself. There are credits to take advantage of by completing a windstorm mitigation inspection.